3 Do’s and Don’ts of Home Video Making

August 16, 2017Business Technology Standard

Do you want to make a video yourself? These days, it’s not hard to do it because all smartphones have built-in cameras. However, you must be educated on the basics by reading these do’s and don’ts:

Do use the back camera

The front camera may often be used for Skype and FaceTime, but it’s known to not produce good quality consistently. Therefore, it’s not ideal to use it for making web videos so it would be better to use the back camera. There’s a reason why the back camera of most smartphones always has a higher megapixel than the front camera.

Don’t record in portrait mode

It’s normal to record videos using mobile phones in portrait mode. However, more and more people prefer to view the videos on a widescreen LCD TV. Due to the latest features of today’s recent LCD TVs, that’s possible. If that’s the case, you won’t get the quality you prefer if you use portrait mode. It would be better to use landscape mode.

Do make sure light is present 

You won’t make a good impression on your viewers if the video you made is dark. If you try and edit the video, the quality may deteriorate. Therefore, you must ensure your subject is illuminated by an excellent source of light whether it’s natural or artificial. If you can’t afford any lighting equipment to make your subject brighter, you can use the flashlight of your smartphone.

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