4 Ways to Detect Leaks at Home

July 28, 2017Home Maintenance Standard

In case you are wondering why your water bill is drastically increasing, you may want to check your pipes to see if there’s leaking. This issue can be a threat to the integrity of structure at home as it brittles wood and other materials. To spot and eventually fix the problem, here are some ways to detect a possible leak:

Monitor water meter

Here’s what you need to do: stop the usage of water and locate the meter. Jot down the exact numbers and wait for an hour or two. If you’re seeing movements even without using anything, you know there’s a leak. Of course, do this experiment when nobody’s around. Note how much the usage is after the activity.

Dripping sounds

If you forgot to turn off the faucet in the bathroom, you can easily hear the sound of dripping water. At night, you can closely hear this sound if you walk in different areas at homes like kitchen or bathroom.

Exterior usage

There might also be leaks happening outside of your home—for example, the rubber hoses in the garden.  For advanced detection of leakage, you can contact trusted emergency plumber. These experts know which areas are prone to such issues. Whenever you experience backdrops or sudden glitches in your water system, they are the best ones to call.

Formation of mouldings

Take time to walk around the house and see if mould is present. Mildew and moulds can only be seen in areas with constant moisture— like the pipes and cabinets. The presence of this microorganism can harm your family as bacteria multiplies. Immediately call a plumber once you’ve located them.

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