Air Conditioning Repairs For Thermostat Issue

July 10, 2017Services Standard

Thermostat is actually one of the first you need to check when you observe your unit has stopped flowing cool air. Air conditioning repairs may not need assistance right away, there are times that you can try to work on it yourself, like thermostat checking.

Follow the steps below for possible thermostat issue:

• If you see that the display on your thermostat is blank, then all you need to do is change the batteries.

• If after changing batteries, you still see blank, then try removing the thermostat from your wall and check on the wires to ensure it is getting power. Using a multimeter or a multitester is recommended to check the voltage.

• If in the event that you are not getting voltage, then it is a must that you check your fuse box and check whether there are fuses that are tripped or blown. If you see that the fuses are in good condition, you may want to look on the switch connected to your air conditioner and try switching it on and off just to reset the connection.

• If there is power but the screen remains blank, going outside to see whether the fuse has been tripped is a must. You can also check on the condenser to make sure it is not acting up.

• If the thermostat is still not working, then best if you replace it. Check on your warranty card and make sure it is still covered. It will definitely give you big savings if at least air conditioning repairs fee is still covered.

If the thermostat is working but the unit itself is not functioning well then you may also want to:

• Turn on the unit fan and see if the blower is getting enough power.

• Change the air filter of your unit, especially if it has not been changed for more than a month. The debris and dirt may be preventing cold air to flow.

• Check on condensation drain.

If the factors above has been checked and your unit is still not functioning well then it is time you need to call in the experts like Airmark Airconditioning. An air conditioning repairs Brisbane can provide you with the best solutions whatever your air conditioner problem is. They offer an in-home service so that they can discuss clearly the process and show it to you how they can fix it your AC unit.