What to Do With a Blocked Sewer Pipe

December 21, 2017Services Standard

A blocked sewer pipe is no joking matter. Most homeowners think of this as a minor problem, but they couldn’t be more wrong. This could cause a significant amount of damage to your home and fixtures. This is why you should always act quickly when you encounter one.

Assess the Situation

The first symptom of blockage in your sewer lines is a clog. This usually happens in the toilet or in the drains. When you notice a clog, you should look for the cause. Not all clogs mean bad news. Sometimes, it is caused by debris getting stuck in the pipelines. It’s best to be sure of the cause before taking further steps.

A sure way to know that the clog is caused by a blockage in the entire pipeline is regurgitation. Simple clogs will not let the water down towards the pipeline. Blockages will actually cause your drains to bring liquid back up the pipes.

Turn Off the Water

If you’re sure that you have a blockage in your main water lines, the first thing you should do is turn off the water supply to the entire house. As mentioned, your drains and toilets will have a tendency to bring up liquid, along with any debris that went down the pipes.

This is caused by a building pressure within the lines. As water flows through the system, the pressure keeps building. This could cause a huge mess in your home. If your pipes are connected to any appliances such as washing machines, you’ll run the risk of wrecking them. Worse, you’re even at risk of bursting your pipes, causing irreparable damage!

Call for Help

These situations call for a trained professional. Many homeowners will try to fix the blockage themselves, but this is not recommended. You could cause even more damage to your systems. A blocked sewer pipe requires a professional to properly diagnose and repair your pipelines. Not only do experts have the tools to do the job correctly; they have the experience as well.

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