Things To Check Before Buying A Used Mini Excavator

August 8, 2017Shopping Standard

If you’re starting a construction project, you’ll need an excavator as it’s a machine that performs lots of functions. If the property is small, you can use a mini excavator. Since it’s a durable machine, it’s alright to buy a used one. However, before buying a second-hand mini excavator, you must check these things:

Inspect the Papers

When you see the papers, a lot of your questions will be answered. You’ll know when the mini excavator was bought and the last time it was serviced. These are things you should know so you’ll have an idea about the current condition of the machine.

Personal Inspection

You can’t rely on the information stated on the papers alone. You must also personally inspect the mini excavator, especially the engine since it’s the heart and soul of the machine. If you spot an oil leak in the engine, you must move on to the next option because it means it wasn’t properly maintained. You must also check the other parts like the cooling systems, bucket, and boom. If you don’t check the machine for any major damages, you may end up spending a lot of money for repairs.

The Undercarriage

A lot of buyers forget to check the undercarriage, which is a big mistake. It’s important for it to still be in good condition because if it’s not, replace it right away.

When you only need the machine for a one-time use, you can rent one. The trusted company that provides a mini excavator hire Brisbane service is PB Earthworks. Their machines are known to perform heavy-duty tasks such as demolition, pool excavation, and concrete breaking.

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