5 Common Tree Lopping Accidents

May 18, 2017Services Standard

You must think hard before deciding whether you’ll attempt to do tree lopping yourself or hire professionals to do it. You may save money from attempting to do it yourself but you’ll buy materials for it anyway. It’s impossible for you to have all the needed materials for this task. There’s also a chance you’ll suffer from accidents that can occur from doing something you’re not really familiar with.

Here are the common accidents suffered by those who attempt to do tree lopping themselves:

Falling Branch

The primary reason why trees get replaced is to prevent their branches from falling on unsuspecting individuals. It’s never a great feeling to think of a great idea only to completely forget about it because a falling branch knocked you unconscious.

Falling from a Ladder

Perhaps the most common accident from DIY tree lopping is falling off a ladder. This can cause major injuries if you take a huge fall. It’s often caused by the ladder being too slippery or the branches falling off when you hold onto them.


If there are power lines that are nearby, you’d better watch out. You can get electrocuted if you accidentally touch the wire. There’s also a possibility that a falling branch could fall on the wires and it ends up making contact with the tree trimmer.

Malfunctioning Equipment

If you opt to use old equipment, there’s a chance they could malfunction in the middle of the tree lopping process. For example, a lift mechanism could malfunction while lifting the trimmer and it can result to the person falling from the machine resulting in major injuries.

Cuts from Machines

Cuts can result from the trimmer not knowing how to properly use the machines needed for tree loppings such as a chainsaw and a hacksaw. Therefore, it’s important to read the manuals before using any of those sharp tools.

To avoid any of these accidents from happening, you should hire tree lopping Townsville to do the job properly and get it done fast. If you don’t know one in your area, you can ask recommendations from your friends.