Types of Compensation You Can Claim From a Motorcycle Accident

March 17, 2017Lawyers Standard

Once you’re no longer in harm after a motorcycle accident, there are things you need to do, especially if you’re the victim. One of this is filing a personal injury claim. To give you an idea what are the things you can negotiate, Villari Lawyers is here to help.

Hospital and Medical Expenses

Injuries from a motorcycle accident varies from minor to severe. Others just get bruises and scratches, while some get serious damage. That’s why claiming for a motor vehicle accident compensation is important to make sure that the other party takes responsibility to these damages. Our lawyers can request up to a maximum payment depending on your case.

Reimbursement of Loss Wages

If a person had a severe injury, he can’t probably work because he needs to rest. That’s why, you are entitled to have a reimbursement of your lost wages. You have the right to receive the necessary income, whether you have a full-time and part-time job.

Pain and Suffering Claim

Many people who’s been involved in a motorcycle accident developed fear and trauma. So, they need to attend therapy with a psychologist to ease the feeling. If you develop post-traumatic stress because of the accident you encounter, you can consult a lawyer about it and they can file pain and suffering claim. Villari Lawyers, will make the process easier for you. We don’t charge upfront fees in our services to help you get back up.

We provide legal advice and assistance to people involved in this situation. Just take in mind that you need to make a claim no later than 6 months from the incident, otherwise, it won’t be valid. We also offer Wills & Estate, Superannuation Total & Permanent Disability Claims, Work Claims and Hearing Loss. Get in touch with us now and learn more about our services.