Reasons For Custom Coffins And Urns

July 19, 2017Services Standard

Death is a very painful phase in one’s life but it can be a little bit less painful if you will choose a customised coffin or urn for your loved ones. This is because there is a part of you that tells you that you are doing something very special for the deceased person. By choosing a customised urns or coffins it will be tailor-made to what the deceased might have preferred. It is a good way to show your love for the last time. In addition, choosing this service can also be a form of healing as it is your subtle way of saying goodbye to your loved ones. Discussed below are the packages you can check:


1) We will consult you regarding the specifications you want such as the design and the materials for the custom urns and coffins.

2) We have different sizes of urns and coffins. We offer the standard-sized urn which can hold the ashes of an adult person. In addition, we also offer a smaller sized custom urns as it has become a practice for many families to divide the ashes of their loved ones among family members. You can call anytime to consult the proper custom coffins and urns.

3) For caskets, some persons may not fit into the standard-sized coffin due to height or weight issues. But we can custom made a coffin for your loved ones.

4) We can make a unique coffin or urn for your loved ones based on their favourite activities that they used to love when they were still alive. The customised coffins and urns can have a unique background such as a collage of pictures.

We want to help you and the best way we can do is by customising the coffin or urn of your loved ones! Thus, contact custom coffins and urns Gold Coast for good and quality services.