Design Tricks to Catch Your Visitors’ Attention

May 4, 2017Business Technology Standard

Getting people to your site doesn’t mean they will stay there for a long time, that’s why web design is very crucial. You need to make it visually appealing so people will explore. To your benefit, we listed the design tricks that will catch user’s interest.


The attention span of most people today is becoming shorter. So, it is important to hook them by movements. Use of animation in web design instead of having a plain layout.

Splash of Colours

Lure your visitors by studying the psychology of colour. In an experiment done by Professor Helen H. Epps from The University of Georgia, it shows that people’s emotional response is associated with colour. So, be wise when picking a palette. Choose something that’s easy to look at.

Video Backgrounds

Give your visitors an idea of the service that you provide by adding a video background. Just keep it short and creative so people won’t get bored.

Text and Image

Text and image are the easiest way to attract the user’s interest, especially if the picture is high quality and the message is funny or connected to what you offer.


If every inch of the page is taken up by words, graphics, or videos, the site will look chaotic and confused. Keep things simple and well organised by putting space.


A picture is worth a thousand words. So, filled your page with interesting illustrations and photos that will help to grab their attention. Just make sure that it is coherent and related to what you promote.

Aside from the information, design matters to ensure visitors. If the examples above still don’t work on your site, be at ease because Insight is here to help. If you are interested in levelling up your website design, feel free to contact their line.

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