Differences Between Landscape Architects and Designers

December 5, 2017Services Standard

Once you need to call a professional for your patio project, you’re going to be confused whether you’ll need landscape architects or designers. What’s the difference between the two occupations? Believe it or not, there are a lot of differences between them:


A landscape architect needs to finish a master’s degree in landscape architecture from a reputable university. On the other hand, a landscape designer just needs to take a short course since there’s no bachelor’s degree for that occupation. Of course, it would be better if the latter finished college with a course on designing.


An architect needs to take several exams to be licensed. On the other hand, a landscape designer doesn’t need to be licensed to earn that title. However, you can’t wake up one day and call yourself a landscape designer. You still need proper training for it. After all, it takes more than a creative mind to become a full-fledged designer.


The former deals with residential and commercial sites including designing outdoor structures, steep slopes, drainage systems and retaining walls. Meanwhile, the latter mostly deals with the proper arrangement of plants in the backyard. What a designer usually does is come to your home, take pictures of the yard and ask your plant preferences. After that, he can opt to take you to local nurseries, so he can personally make suggestions. Finally, he will refer a professional to do the physical work.

If you need highly experienced landscape architects, make sure to call a reputable company that offers a wide array of landscaping services. As can be seen from their past projects, these companies exert maximum effort in all their jobs. There’s no doubt you’ll appreciate the beauty of their past work. They design a lot of places including various residential and commercial properties. For any enquiries, feel free to give them a call. They’d be more than willing to sit down with you and discuss your next project.