Door Lock Maintenance Tips

May 8, 2017Home Maintenance Standard

We all used door locks frequently, causing it to malfunction and worn out. But many times, your door locks may not be a candidate for repair, it just needs some TLC. Here are some of them.

Properly Installed

The key to making it work is to make sure that it is properly installed. Otherwise, it won’t shut off or latch properly. If you don’t have an idea how to do this, seek professional help.

Clean It

Sometimes, your door lock is not really worn out, it just needs a little cleaning. To do this, first remove the lock from the door using a screwdriver, then blow away the dust and dirt that can be found on the inner and outer cylinder by old toothbrush and reinstall it again. Just make sure to clean all the mechanical parts so it will all move smoothly.

Hinge Adjustment

If you’ve noticed that the hinge is starting to sag, you need to adjust the screws. Otherwise, the door will be difficult to close and can leave gaps.


Keeping your locks lubricated is vital as it prevents many problems like rust build ups. However, you need to be careful what to use as some types of these can damage the hinge and the locks. Before purchasing, check your materials and ask first.

Upgrade It

Over time, the parts of the lock will wear down. While a simple repair sometimes helps, it is still best to call for a locksmith and upgrade your parts. Aside from saving time, it is also vital for security purposes.

Make Sure It’s Working Properly

Does it create a sound when you closed it? Can you easily open your door? Once you clean and adjust its fittings, you need to make sure that it is working properly. If not, you need to repeat reinstalling it.

Call a Locksmith

It’s no brainer that locksmith can get us out of our car and house, but what’s great is they have 24/7 services. For example, Stronghold Locksmiths are Brisbane’s number 1 rekey locksmith, they are professionals that you can contact in case you have an emergency that needs to resolve immediately. Always hire a reliable locksmith service for your safety.