Duties and Responsibilities of Intellectual Property Lawyers

June 16, 2017Lawyers Standard

Before proceeding on what intellectual property lawyers do, it is best to know what does Intellectual property means. Intellectual property refers to any creations of the mind, say artistic and literary works, inventions, images, designs used in commerce. Moving on, they are broken down into two categories:

First is industrial property, that includes trademarks, inventions, geographic indications of sources and industrial design. The second is copyright, which includes artistic and literary works such as poems and plays, musical works, films and artistic works. Rights related to copyright may include those of the performing artist in his or her performance. It can also include the producer of phonogram in their recording and the broadcaster in his or her television or radio programs.

The responsibilities of IP lawyers involve any aspect related to Intellectual Property. You may need to hire IP lawyers to assist you in filing an application for a trademark and defend it when the need arises. To give an example, an inventor knows exactly all the technical and scientific knowledge involved on what he or she invented. However, the IP lawyers are the perfect professionals to guide him or her in preparing the patent application. The knowledge that only IP lawyers have is needed to ensure that all legalities of all processes will be handled accordingly.

After finding out the duties and responsibilities of IP lawyers, you now know when you need one. When the time comes that you need one, you must hire an experienced lawyer. You shouldn’t hire a lawyer who just got his license. There are a lot of things that can only be learned through experience. Therefore, it would be safer to go with a lawyer that’s helped so many clients in the past. You can find an established lawyer online and look at his accomplishments. If he has won many awards, you know you’re dealing with a good attorney.