Emergency Plumbing Items Everybody Should Have

September 14, 2017Home Maintenance Standard

It’s in the middle of the night, and you use the toilet. You’re so sleepy, but right after you flush, you notice that the waste is not going down. Maybe your tub’s water isn’t draining properly. Maybe your faucet is loose and has started leaking profusely. If you are experiencing one of these or some other problem that is causing your home to flood, leak or just be icky and intolerable, you have an emergency plumbing situation. In the middle of all the stressful things happening, you would need some of these items so you can survive the night and resolve the issue temporarily until your plumber arrives.

  • 20-liter Plastic Bucket

The simplest thing that you need to have is a bucket, at least a 20-liter plastic bucket. What this allows you is the ability to mechanically force water into your pipes and take care of the clog. This works in many of your emergency plumbing problems, especially if it’s the toilet.

  • Plunger

The plunger is one of the handiest tools that you can have at home. It is also used to create a mechanical action in your toilet or drain by using suction pressure. Invest in one or two plungers – one cup plunger for your tubs and drains and one flange plunger for your toilets.

  • Caulk

Putty or caulk is also a good thing to have in your home as they are designed to seal anything from leaks to cracks and everything in between. They typically come in injector tubes or clay tubs and can work even when wet. The longer they cure, the stronger that they get so keeping a few tubes ready in your toolkit is good.

  • Wrenches

As with any emergency plumbing issue, you would need to keep a few wrenches, mostly monkey wrenches and Allen wrenches, so you can enable, disable and tighten some pipes. If the issue is only becoming bigger, consider calling a plumber so they can come to you. So if you have an emergency, contact Paul’s Plumbing. They have the proper equipment and knowledge to solve your problems quickly.