End of Lease Cleaning Checklist

October 5, 2017Home Maintenance Standard

When moving to a new property, you should not only hire removalists but also professional cleaners. This is to get rid of the stains and the dirt that has accumulated in the house for years. It is important to consider to get cheap end of lease cleaning Melbourne to get your bond money back. This can be your loss because this fund can be used to cover the security deposit and cash advance. Here’s a checklist  of the things to remember when it comes to an end of lease cleaning service:

Get rid of the waste

To speed up the process, better remove all the appliances, furniture, and other items. When the house is already bare and there is no more waste, that’s the time to call the cleaners and wash away the dirt. Doing this can prevent damages to furniture and other gadgets. The professional cleaners will do an extensive clean-up operation on the house to successfully remove spots and stains.

Better pack all the items a week before the move out date. Allocate one or two days to clean the property and leave no trace of damage.

Pay attention to the repairs

Never leave the house with damages because the owner will not give you the bond back. Some end of lease cleaning service includes repair in their packages. A damage to the flooring or the window treatment can be fixed with the help of technicians. Make sure you perform an inspection first to see all the things that need to be replaced or fixed. Show the list to the company so they can send the appropriate staff to the site.

Disinfect the bathroom

Make sure to get rid of moulds in the ceiling and the storage cabinets before you move out. Ask the cleaners to use a mild product on delicate materials.

End of lease cleaning is vital to claim deposits back. That is why you should contact Sydney Best Bond Cleaning for affordable and all-around housework. Visit their website today to get started.