FAQ’s About Renting a Formal Wedding Car

August 2, 2017Services Standard

For your formal wedding car, it is only necessary that you ask all relevant questions to ensure that you can maximise it.

What areas do you cover?

Make sure that they can service the location or site of your wedding ceremony to your reception. Some companies cover everywhere around Australia. Unfortunately, some of them may have area limitations.

How far ahead should I book the formal wedding car?

You may still be in the process of choosing the company where to get formal wedding car service. However, once you have decided, it is best to book as soon as possible . You would never want to end up not getting the vehicle of your choice just because they do not accept less than a week for reservation.

What would I do in case the car breaks down?

Of course, reputable companies guarantee that all their cars are in good condition. However, cars, even the good ones, may accidentally break down. Assurance from them that no trouble and issues may arise is necessary.

How many people can fit in one car?

What you want is to transport your guests from one point to another with comfort. Asking the company of the number of people that can fit in one car is necessary. If you want, you can let them know the number of your expected guests and let them assess the number and type of cars you need.

Are my guests covered with insurance?

Of course, what you want is to ensure that your guests are covered with insurance, in case any unfortunate event happens. You would never want any disaster to happen on your wedding day, but there is nothing wrong asking and making sure that all is covered in any event that may occur.