Funeral directors: Who are they?

June 29, 2015Services Standard

Anytime you think about death, it is highly likely that a cemetery and a church will also cross your mind. This is natural because these are the things that are mostly associated with death. Very few people ever stop to think of the guy who makes all that possible, but without him you have no funeral at all.



Funeral directors are important in the whole process of planning for a funeral. They relieve the family of the pain of having to mourn a loved one while at the same time make arrangements to bury them. The fact that most people do not think about them does not mean that they do not exist. In fact, most people generally just think of the funeral home as a whole, forgetting that there is someone behind all that action. It is the directors who run the show at any funeral homes.

In Australia, all funeral directors are required to be licensed by the relevant authorities, just like in any other country. They have some level of experience in mortuary science. This is why it is normal for families to take their loved one to the mortuary and still rest assured that they will be taken care of perfectly, without even knowing who will do the job.

Generally, the overall responsibilities of funeral directors are common across the board. However, some funeral homes customize the responsibilities for their staff. Some of the general responsibilities of funeral directors are to pick up bodies from the mortuary and prepare the memorial service. They will also oversee the whole burial process until your loved one is laid to rest. They work closely with the bereaved families which makes it easier for them to plan and execute a burial ceremony according to the wishes of the deceased. Since they are closer to the family during this time than anybody else, they may double up as comforter-in-chief for the surviving members of the family.

It is not uncommon to find funeral homes owned by families here in Australia. If your loved one is being handled by a funeral home owned by a family, it provides you with some level of comfort that they will be taken care of according to family principles. It is almost as if you are doing it by yourself.

The roles of funeral directors are virtually unlimited. In some instances, they even take care of all the paperwork that is related to the death of your loved one. And the roles keep evolving each time they are out on a job. One factor remains though, that all the services offered by the funeral director will be beneficial to the family and not him. Therefore, it is always good to show your gratitude the next time you meet them.