How To Get Fantastic Group Photos

August 24, 2016Events Standard

Nowadays, shooting a great groupie shot is an asset in any circle of friends in many events. This kind of shot can capture the moments with your gang. So how to shoot the perfect group shot? Here are some tips:


Get the right angle – Some people have a knack for finding the perfect angle to fit in people in a groupie. They seem to have an eye for geometry and angles that can make your groupie epic. If you are not one of them, you have to work on finding the right angles to be able to fit in the gang. The post’s angle can also provide a new look and perspective on the shots you post.


Use selfie stick – If your gang is huge, you may need to shoot from afar using selfie stick. The extension can capture a wider scope and can even include the background of your group. Just be careful not to extend the stick too much so that your smartphone won’t fall. You may also need to use the front camera with higher resolution.


Make use of the timer – Need to get a perfect group pose? Why not set a timer for 5-10 seconds and allow the group to position themselves. This way you can still think of different poses that your camera can capture and still have room to arrange your props for the shoot.


Shoot in burst mode – You can use burst mode in many high-end smartphone models. This allows you to shoot rapidly in succession to capture many moments in your group. You need to set the camera and start shooting many photos within a span of time. All you need is to choose the photos that capture the correct angles and trash the rest.


Use tripod – If you want sharp photos, you need to use a tripod to achieve stability.  Many people feel that using tripod limits their ability to express themselves creatively and can turn their group shots to a mere class picture, not knowing that using a tripod allows you to adjust pose to your heart’s delight.


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