What Goes On During Office Demolition?

December 6, 2017Services Standard

Contractors have been assigned to work on office demolition and other landscaping jobs for many years.

Construction workers would break down structures and other buildings so that something new can be built on the spot which would soon be vacant. The common methods used to tear down a facility are deconstruction (systematically taking off the floor tiles, removing sections of the floor little by little), implosion (the use of explosives to send the building crashing down without harming other buildings) and manual (basically destroying the place with sledgehammers, etc.).

The process of office demolition for a smaller facility is easier since all it takes is manual (the drills and the sledgehammers) or mechanical labour through the use of raised work platforms, cranes, excavators and bulldozers. The wrecking ball will only be necessary for big buildings.

Everything must start with a plan…

Taking down multiple floors and site clearing will entail comprehensive planning. It is important for a site plan to be formed which provides the details of every landscape element that will be modified, relocated or removed. This plan should also preferably contain the location of staging areas, fences, construction limit lanes, the entrances and exits to the site and any dumpsters.

If the nearby trees will be take away during the renovation of the floor, data on this must be looked at in advance. Any plants which will stay on the property must be protected with construction fences.

The plan should declare if there are materials which are onsite that will be used again for the floor, including gravel, subsoil and topsoil. If an area is being cleared for tearing down, there must be signs put up to keep people safe.

Even the signs have their own requirements as far as location, type, design and size are concerned. It is up to the contractor to dispose of the debris and clean up the floor once the job is done.

Based on all the information in this article so far, office demolition is a huge and dangerous landscaping project for everyone involved. This is clearly a job that is best left to the professional Perth office demolition services.