How to Host Team Building Parties in Cocktail Function Venues

September 7, 2017Services Standard

Renting a cocktail function is an excellent way to give your employees a casual party that they deserve. As the saying goes: All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. To keep your workers loyal to your company, you need to treat them for casual events not only to strengthen their camaraderie but also to boost their teamwork.

Many companies struggle with teamwork issues amongst their employees. Many of their workers are stuck in their routine individual tasks that they often forget that they are part of a team or a company. The lack of socialisation and personal relationship within your office can result in poor company performance.

To address this issue, you may want to throw a team building event or party in a casual setting like in cocktail function venues. But hosting events to boost camaraderie amongst colleagues can be a challenge, especially for group or team of introverts. Here are some ways to break the ice and foster socialisation amongst them:

Make them laugh – Aside from being the best medicine, laughter can loosen stiffness and can break the psychological barriers between people. To make your serious employees laugh, you may need to hire an engaging host or comedian to loosen the tension and make the occasion more conducive to socialisation. If you are confident in delivering jokes, you may choose to do them yourself.

Play funky music – Your team building event is not a company meeting. Hence, you can play loud music that can make their body groove and dance. You may need to hire a professional musician or a disk jockey that can spice up the night through music.

Think of entertaining games that can boost their cooperation – Teambuilding activities are boring without playing games. There are many casual games that you can organise in cocktail function venues that can forge their cooperation, think outside the box, and build loyalty to the company.

Don’t forget to serve cocktails and delicious food – One of the best ways to engage your employees is to serve them delicious foods and drinks.

Aside from boosting office productivity, team building parties are also a fun way to foster your relationship with your employees. Just be sure to hold them in places like cocktail function venues to make them special and more memorable.