How Timber Plantation Shutters Help With Light and Air Control

September 9, 2015Home Construction Standard

Timber Plantation shutters are primarily wooden doors that shut over the top of windows or doors (normally glass) and have lots of thin rails organized horizontally going across the frame. Often there will also be louvers and other things mounted. Timber is a great material for making plantation shutters and has a light weight feature.

Plantation shutters have many significant benefits and can help control the amount of light that’s coming in to provide shade and privacy. The slats can also work by blocking the sunlight partially while allowing some to come through. This creates a lovely ambiance which is perfect for relaxing. This also means that it can help the rooms cooler and better ventilated. This is especially useful if you live in a sunny area.

The great thing about timber plantation shutters Sydney though is that you end up letting in just the right amount of light but block a fair amount of heat while still letting the air circulate. Of course, this is preferable since it allows  air to circulate, acting like a vent.  Meanwhile, it will also help to provide shade from glare, which is helpful if you want to watch television during daylight.

There are other benefits of shutters too. It can be used as a divider between different rooms. This creates a sense of privacy while maintaining an open feeling for your home. In some ways shutters are like having glass doors between rooms or sliding patio doors. However, the combination of light air and sound is slightly different with shutters allowing more of the first two in and less of the latter.

If you have these in addition to glass doors for instance, then you can choose to have both open, just one set open, or both closed. and this way create all different combinations of light and air.

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