How to Avoid Unnecessary Expenses for Your Event’s Photo Booth Hire

October 7, 2015Events Standard

If you’re planning an event, your goal is to make everything as cost-efficient as possible. You want to save money on some of the event’s activities and features, and that includes the photo booth hire. In some instances, someone will pay more than necessary for it. This is mainly due to not being prepared and aware enough. To avoid unnecessary expenses, here are some of the things you should avoid.

  • Going beyond your package

Of course, it is more expensive if you exceed what is stipulated in the package. To be safe, add a few more minutes or hours to the anticipated time. It’s usually cheaper to include it in the initial computation than paying for extra later on. Also, let’s say you are expecting 40 guests— instead of getting packages good for 40 heads, get the package for 50 pax. You never know how many uninvited or unexpected guests may arrive.

  • If one of your guests accidentally break a prop or props or any photo booth parts

First, you need to tell your guests to take care of the props they will use. Unfortunately, accidents may happen, you end up paying for the damages. This is very usual or common to happen, especially if your guests become a little uncontrollable because of being too excited. Your best bet will be to warn your guests and also ask the photo booth people to assist those who will use the props.

  • If your location is far from theirs

If you choose a company that is far from your venue, they sure will charge you for travel expenses. Some may see it more comforting doing business with people they know, thus even if there are available companies near them that provide photo booth hire services, they opt to get services from those who are far from them.

  • You get their services a day or two before the event

Those who decide to book at the last minute it may be charged higher than the standard. Not all though, but some may do just to cover up all the resources needed to deliver on a short notice.

Calling a reliable photo booth rental Sydney service is a must to make sure that everything is clear and the contract should be read to have a full knowledge about the services that the company will provide. Neglecting this method may lead to a great confusion.