How to Bring Back the Showroom Shine of Your Timber Flooring

July 26, 2017Home Maintenance Standard

Timber flooring has been in most houses for centuries. Why? It is because of its classy and elegant appeal that has outlived house owners for years. This flooring type provides natural appeal that has never outlasted by other types.

More than its timeless look, home owners prefer wooden floors because of its tonnes of benefits. It is more hygienic than its counterparts, such as carpets, linoleum and even stone tiles. But just like any other flooring types, wooden floors are not resistant to ageing. One of the probable issues of wooden floors is the loss of lustre.

As time pass by, timber flooring sustains abrasion, scratches and other damages that scrape off the shiny layer of the floor. As the damage worsens, the flooring can no longer give its showroom shine despite constant polishing or buffing. At this stage, you need to hire timber flooring professionals to apply polishing method using professional tools and equipment.

Waxing and polishing wooden floors are boring for many, worse if you polish heavily damaged ones. Even with the use of electric floor buffer, polishing timber flooring is still not a pleasant chore for many. Therefore, it is imperative for some people to hire a pro to do the job.

Before you plan to replace the antique floor (which make your home pricier) with a newer one, try first to give your wooden floor a makeover with the help of floor maintenance professionals. Here are the two techniques professionals do:

Recoating – Professionals can coat them with polyurethane, varnish or shellac to give it much like a plastic coating. These chemicals can bring back the lustre in no time. The downside to this method is the toxic smell the chemicals give. Also, wooden floors before 1970s are resistant to coating brands.

Sanding – The most popular polishing technique is sanding the surface with floor sanding machines and sandpaper. This method smoothens the scratched and rough surfaces of the flooring and makes it look new. You can then apply wax or other agents to give the floor a showroom shine.

If your floors are heavily damaged and need replacement, you can check timber flooring company in Burwood. They have new models that match the antique design and texture of your old floor.