Importance of a Plumbing Kit

July 26, 2016Home Maintenance Standard

At some point in time, a household may encounter an overflowing sink, leaking roof, or a flooded bathroom. Being prepared with some basic plumbing tools can help you salvage an emergency plumbing crisis.


Having your own plumbing kit gives you the flexibility to deal with any type of emergency plumbing. In case there is a flood or some leak, you can temporarily manage the situation till professional help arrives.  This way, you can protect your plumbing system from further damage. Investing in a good set of plumbing tools will help you in resolving plumbing jobs efficiently. You will save both time and money.

Building a Basic Kit

The first thing you should get is a tool to help you to switch off and on the water connection quickly. Some tools are meant to unclog the drains and sinks. Other set of advanced tools help in cutting walls and drain pipes. A duct tape is very useful in temporarily fixing the small leaks called the pinhole leaks. a drilling for installing new fixtures in place. Meanwhile, a pipe cutter always comes handy as it helps to cut pipes in all sizes.

On the other hand, if you have a clog in your home then you would needing closet and hand augers, pipe cleaning instrument, and plungers. Reciprocating saws are used for cutting away parts of drains, walls, or pipes. Some of the other tools used are hammers, blow torches, box cutters, pipe cutters, and chisels.

If you’re only going to use the toolkit for domestic use, then it’s not wise to invest in items which are not going to be used frequently.  You can always rent such tools or hire an emergency plumber in case of some emergency.


The tools are very handy and useful provided they are used with care. You have to know the right technique to use them or else it may result to further damage.  Do not forget to cut off the water supply with a plier or a wrench before starting any plumbing work.