Learning More about Video Production

June 13, 2017Business Solution Standard

Video production in Australia is something that can be learned over time. However, you have to exert considerable effort to find out more about this particular career path. This article will help you learn more about the various aspects of making sales videos so that you can apply it to your own projects in the near future.

The Various Elements of Video Production

1.    Videography

It can be defined as the process of creating streaming content by capturing moving pictures and images through the lens of a camera.

2.    Editing

The process of cutting up some parts of the video itself to craft some kind of a story that would make the flow of the creative product more fluid in the end.

3.    Storage

After creating more fluid videos, the finished product is stored in a variety of electronic devices. Some of these electronic devices include the SD cards, which are, at present, the latest in storage devices. More often than not, videos are captured using the latest in production equipment. From cameras to digital devices, these pieces of equipment can help you store and save all of your precious memories in one file.

4.    Distribution

Previously, moving pictures are usually captured and broadcasted using a recorder and videotape. However, this technology is now obsolete. The files are now saved and distributed digitally in different formats. These are as follows:

•    Moving Pictures Expert Group (.mpeg)
•    Windows Media Video (.wmv)
•    DivX (.avi, .divx)
•    QuickTime (.mov)
•    Audio Video Interleave (.avi)

Digital Video vs. Filmmaking

This particular type of production usually can be compared to filmmaking. However, digital videos are handled through digital equipment and distribution. Filmmaking is made through utilising any film stock.


For this reason, if you would like to learn more about video production and possibly make it into your own career, it would be best for you to invest in specific equipment especially when it comes to storage and videography. Fortunately, nowadays you can use a simple cell phone camera at your leisure. You can also download video editing software from the net to edit your raw footage.