A Look Into the Car Key Cutting Processes

September 18, 2017Services Standard

In its century of existence, we can’t deny the developments made in the automotive industry. Security has been researched and updated, primarily advancing rapidly to deter as many burglars as possible.

Nowadays, only licensed car key cutting service providers will be able to clone keys. There are a few tried and tested methods in auto locksmithing, and knowing them helps you be aware of what happens behind the curtain.

The types that suppliers use now are either the traditional metallic with a proprietary design, an electronic keyless fob or a combination of both. There are two methods for doing these:

Traditional Mechanical

The first one is the traditional mechanical process. While this method is not limited to automobile keys, it’s still the same technique that locksmiths use—carving a key from a master copy that they can take from. This key has grooves and a pattern that can be punch cut en masse, requiring only a few minutes at best to replicate.

Mechanical cut keys mostly pose a risk to people and are existent in older cars. Since anyone can get your keys, bring them to an unauthorised person and have them duplicated, this makes it easy for crafty burglars to bring master moulds and take your car away.


The next, more modern iteration of these keys is the laser cut keys. Many of the latest models of cars utilise this key, and it’s hard to question why. They have lock cylinders that are hard to copy and harder to pick. These keys have fewer grooves but are much thicker in size and are cut on both sides, so they go either way.

Because these keys require highly specialised laser cutting equipment, they tend to be more expensive, but may still be done by emergency auto locksmiths. There are, however, keys that are beyond the jurisdiction of an auto locksmith, requiring the dealership to work on it. These are smart keys and car key transponders.

Car key cutting is a complicated procedure. Still, it’s better to have a spare since it means being ready in emergency situations. If possible, create a duplicate of your key and put it in areas that you have easy access to in duress.