Major Reasons Marriages End in Divorce

July 18, 2017Services Standard

Divorce is one of the most painful events that can happen in anyone’s life. It is often a problem that can lead to many problems between you and your partner. Worse, it can affect the mental health of your children.

Marriage is indeed not as smooth-sailing as many lovers believe. After the courtship, engagement wedding and honeymoon stages, couples are confronted with real-life problems of married life, which include day-to-day issues from child rearing to even some seemingly trivial issues such as the household chores. Here are some of the most usual reasons why once happy couples part ways and seek help from a relationship counselor:

Infidelity – Extra-marital affairs are the most usual reason for a break-up of marriages that end in divorce. There are many reasons why one or even both parties engage in affairs outside their marriage. Among them are anger and resentment within their bond. Other reasons are differences in sexual appetite and lack of emotional connection.

Money – Financial issues are very critical in the health of your relationship. Differences in the capacity to earn as well as spending habits can cause power struggle in the relationship between the couple. Financial problems can also fracture the bond that ties between the two parties.

Lack of communication – Issues in communications can destroy the bond of two loving hearts. Insufficient time to air out and smooth out problems in a relationship can lead to resentment and frustration. Shouting at your spouse, making sarcastic comments,and lack of talking within the day can lead to escalated problems in your marriage. To mend the scars, you need to practice mindful communication.

Constant arguing – Inability to understand the situation of the other party can lead to serious damage in the relationship. Issues in their personalities and psychological status can generate ongoing arguments. Lack of empathy and emotional connection with their spouse can lead to huge problems in the status of their relationship. They might need a relationship counselor to find out the reason behind their constant arguing so they can resolve it as quickly as possible.

Weight gain – Some couples with very unhealthy relationship has trouble accepting the changes in their partner, even for trivial things like weight gain. They are the ones who need immediate help from a relationship counselor.

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