Most Bizarre Wedding Ideas

March 3, 2017Events Standard

I’m pretty sure that once in your life, you had imagined how your wedding will look like. Roses are everywhere, red balloons are in the corner, and your dress will be a flowing one. No matter how many weddings you’ve attended, you will always have new wedding ideas to think about. If you’re picturing yourself walking on the traditional garden wedding aisle, or walking on the beach with your fancy flip flop, whatever the theme it might be, you have the freedom to do it. To give more ideas, here are some unconventional wedding theme that breaks the norms.

Zombie Theme

This literally proves the meaning of “till death do us part”. If you’re planning for a wedding, zombies will never be on your guest list. Who wants fresh blood and graveyard on their special day? Apparently, some people who can’t get enough of Halloween opt for this theme. Couples would really make sure that they look like fresh from the grave when they arrive at the reception. The makeup artists and professional photographers play a crucial role as they make sure that they will fully capture the theme that couples want.

Shark Tank

Couples love doing crazy things together, and this is the perfect example. If you and your partner love sharks and wanted to invite friends on your most special day, try saying “I do” underwater. Scuba gears and microphones are attached so they can hear each other’s words. This is a very fishy love story but in a good sense.

Roller Coaster Theme

Who says weddings can’t be enjoyed by thrill-seekers? If marriage is just like a roller coaster ride, then the best way to prove that you won’t leave each other through ups and downs is by opting for a roller coaster wedding. Some people started their love story by meeting on amusement parks so they chose this as a venue. Just ask the photographers to keep patience because this will be a bumpy ride.

A professional photographer is really important for your especial day. Make sure to hire someone who can follow the theme you wanted. Because over the years wedding photography has evolved. Before, it is only a way to capture what happened during that day. But now, wedding photographer main objective is to showcase the love and personality of the bride and grooms through photographs. If you’re looking for someone who will give you an incredibly high-quality shot, then wedding photographers Brisbane is the company you need to remember. They will capture every moment you’ll love to relive for the next 30 years.