How Music Change the Behaviour of Audience

June 30, 2016Marketing Standard

Whatever the genre, type of film or video ads you want to have, an appropriate musical score can convey feelings and make your video dramatic or fun. Even silent films use background sound to engage their audience.

With being said, here are the reasons why music is a powerful ingredient in your next video production:

Psychology of Music

In a study conducted by the research team at Centre for Interdisciplinary Music Research at the University of Jyvaskyla and Aalto University in Finland, they found out that music affects the listeners bringing positive and negative emotions.

Set the Mood

In the same study, participants were evaluated and divided to listen to seven types of music. And each one of them come up with assorted feelings after listening to different sounds. So, when incorporating music, you need to imagine the genre and mood you are after.

Stick to Mind

Whether it’s a generic sound of a ukulele or light piano track, you need to be careful what to put in your video. As the style, rhythm, and state of the melody can affect the overall package of the video. Make sure that it will be catchy and remembered by your audience.

Audio Mixing

If you are looking ways how to make your video unique, try audio mixing. Put the sounds one by one until you reach the beat that you desired.


Sounds can help the audience to focus especially when they are watching in a noisy environment.

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