New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

July 7, 2017Events Standard

Just like Christmas, celebrating New Year should be a blast. If you’re not home for this event, you can still have fun with your friends and co-workers. There are a lot of activities to try that does not involve bar hopping. To give you a comprehensive guide, here are some party ideas in welcoming another awesome year:

Rent a Cruise

Can you imagine cruising in the opera house and witnessing the grand fireworks display at midnight? Yes, this is possible if you rent New Years Eve party cruise. If you’re one of the hosts, flaunt your skills and be recognised for putting up effort in finding a great venue for this party. Food, drinks, and decorations can be availed directly to the cruise line. All you have to do is choose a set of menu and drinks to be served. Contact Sydney Party Cruises to learn more about their services.

Dress up Game

Who says you can’t play dress up game during New Year’s Eve? Send a request to your friends and start a costume party. Anyone can dress up whoever they want to be. To double the fun, prepare exciting games while waiting for midnight. It can be a drinking game, a date or more. Just make sure everyone can participate so no one’s left behind the fun.

Banquet Dinner

Instead of the traditional catering services, why not give it a twist and let everyone bring in their specialty? Give everyone their respective cuisine so everyone can taste different foods.

Beach bum

If you want to take the party to another level, bring your friends to a beach and witness the sky light up with fireworks. Setup a bonfire where you can play games and socialize. Everyone can also try barbeque and grill their marshmallow into the bonfire. Such a serene and perfect night for everybody. To cap off the night, bring in the most expensive wine to taste. It’s not every day that we celebrate New Year so give it a blast!