Properly Installed Bollards Provide Protection and Safety to Pedestrians

September 28, 2015Services Standard

Bollards are short posts that are most commonly installed on public roads, and a sidewalk which identifies and segments a location. It is placed on center of two roads to guide the traffic and that the vehicles will be in an organized flow. This also serve as a protection to the pedestrian while they cross the street and while at the sidewalks because if there is a possibility that some vehicles might experience engine problems, the body of the vehicle will first hit the bollards and not affect or injure the people who are around the sidewalks unless if there are debris that might fly from the accident. Aside from the protection and safety that it can bring to the pedestrians, just like a road line marking, it can also enhance the design of the building where it is installed because it provides and ornamentation that enhances the building, sidewalks, roads, or any landscape aesthetics. Modern bollards are also used and installed individually or in series to define the extended boundaries of that place, city, or country.



Bollards have been installed since years ago for the purpose of road and boundary markings, hitching ties, motoring posts, and pedestrian safety. Up until today, bollards are still installed and enhanced to significantly manage vehicle traffics, protection of landscapes, landmarks, and buildings. They are also installed because they complement and improve the architectural design and overall appearance of the buildings and landscapes. Bollards are known to be as clear posts or barriers for drivers which help them to direct traffic, prevent from harming or injuring pedestrians on the road or sidewalk, and it also prevents access to areas or places that are restricted. It is installed because it is able to withstand the high impacts that vehicle collisions might cause.

There is a need that you will be able to find a bollard contractor that is very reliable and reputable because bollards should be installed properly and accurately. Poor installation of bollards may lead to physical injuries to pedestrians and can even cause casualties, that is why you have to see to it that the bollards that the contractor that you will be choosing should be very solid and high quality so that it can withstand any rate of impact of vehicle collisions so that you will be assured that the pedestrians that will be passing or walking at the landscapes or sidewalks are protected and safe. Decorative bollards can also be very beneficial to your building because it contributes to the overall visual quality and appearance of your building or landscape. Contractors will provide you with numerous of designs so that you will be able to pick the one which you think fits and complements to the shape, color, weight, texture, and design of your building.

Modern bollards play a vital and critical role in the safety of the pedestrians at the roads and sidewalks. You can’t neglect the fact that there are vehicle drivers which are reckless and if you happen to be on the same road or sidewalk where they are located will surely make your life at risk. Hence, that is the reason why bollards are installed to protect and keep the pedestrians safe while they are at the roads and sidewalks.