Reasons to Get Involved in Extracurricular Activities

May 18, 2017Education Standard

There are many high schools out there like James Hargest School that provide a list of extracurricular activities. Unfortunately, there are those that are unaware of the benefits it gives. If you are one of them, we listed how these can help you in the long run:

Teens learn about time management and develop prioritising skills when they get involved in extracurricular events. It teaches them to multi-task as there are many situations where they should finish more than one thing.

With the proper allocation of time on each task, students will be able to explore diverse interests. Some students don’t know if they will participate in the school band, drama club or sports team. Co-curricular activities give them the opportunities to explore and discover what are they passionate about.

Eventually, this will contribute to in developing ones’ self-esteem. Many times, children who have not stepped out and achieve anything develop an inferiority complex. They feel worthless thinking that there’s nothing they are good at. However, by participating out of school activities, they can find and be involved in something that they can excel, giving their self-confidence a boost.

They will also learn that setting goals help them stay focus and value what is truly important. Extracurricular activities allow children to develop their goal-setting skills. They learn how to set ambitions and how to work hard to achieve it.

While some of their classmates be their friends, joining co-curricular activities is also a wonderful chance to meet more people. Students in a group share at least one common interest making it easier for you to bond with them.  The relationship will also grow as participants spend a lot of time together.  Through social life, one will value the importances of teamwork in almost any group projects or work. Chances are, not everyone on your team has the same interests and decision as yours. However, by exposing children to extracurricular activities, they can learn how to listen and co-ordinate with other people. They will know the value of teamwork and how to compromise for the benefit of the whole.

The focused of activities is to allow the students to enhance their skills. These groups will give them a chance to show their talent and discover their strengths and weaknesses. Like if you have a good singing voice but you don’t have the confidence, the club leader will train you to sing in front of people. This way, you improve yourself and overcome your fears.