Reasons Why You Should Own a Spare Car Key

July 14, 2017Cars & Motoring Standard

From saving money to ensuring security, here are some good reasons why you should have a spare key.


In the event you lose your car keys, chances are you will go to a locksmith or your car dealer to get a new copy. If you have a backup, you can easily drive your car preventing the thieves to locate your vehicle and steal it. However, for added security might as well replace your lock.


Owning a spare copy will help you minimise the amount of money that you need to spend. This is because, in the case of a lockout, you don’t need to call the locksmith. Moreover, you don’t need to pay a towing company.

Prevent Accidental Lockouts

We can never tell when will a lockout will happen. That’s why it is important to be prepared by having a spare copy. Not only to gain entry back into your car without inflicting any damage but this can also help alleviate the stress that a lockout will bring. In addition, it also offers convenience as you don’t need to be stranded and wait for help for a long period of time.

Make Replacement Fast

There are situations where you need to replace your keys. With a backup in hand, the process will be easier — saving you time and money. This is because the company will just trace your original copy.If you don’t have one, they will disassemble your lock that will take too much of your time.

Reduce the Chance of Key Breaking

Car keys are prone to snapping. However, with an extra copy, you can prevent this as you can switch usage from time to time. This also reduces the chances of needing lock repair or replacement.

Now you know the benefits it can give, there’s no more reason why not to have one. You can contact Car Keys Sydney replacement keys. Visit their website here!