Safety Tips to Help You Sleep Better In A Hotel Room

April 20, 2016Accommodation Standard

We all experience it on some level or the other. The paranoia that comes with staying in a new environment. We all feel it; some of us are better at hiding it than others but the truth is that it’s there. We worry primarily about our safety and with the increase in acts of terror across the globe, our worries are not unfounded.

When we stay in hotels during our trips, the memories of various action or horror movies with hotel scenes surface and begin to haunt us, taunting us quietly and the more thought we give to them, the more fear we begin to feel. This fear will undoubtedly manifest itself as a slight anxiety for some and inability to sleep at night for others. To fight this paranoia, this article covers safety tips and measures you can take that will make you feel safer when you stay in hotels.

  • As a rule, before you leave for your trip, make sure you have with you the copies of your tickets, credit cards, your passports and other documents that you think you need. Try also to take photos of all your valuables like your jewelry and your luggage.
  • When selecting a hotel, try to select one with new models of their room door locks. These locks are more secure with any other lock.
  • When selecting a room in hotels in which doors open outwards, try to pick a room with a window facing an inner courtyard, as opposed to a one with a window facing the parking lot.
  • Try to select a room on the 3rd, 4th,5th or 6th floor. That way, your room is not so low that it would be easy to break into and at the same time not so high that it would be out of reach of fire engine ladders.
  • If the front desk attendant announced your room out loud when giving you your key, ask for a different room.
  • Ensure that the telephone in your room allows outside dialing.
  • Ensure to keep the windows and adjoining doors locked.
  • When leaving the room, lock the items you won’t be carrying with you, such as some laptop or other electronics. Most hotels provide a safe for this purpose. Always carry your passport with you.
  • The remote control is usually the item in the room that houses the most germs. Ensure you cover it with a washcloth or slide it into a small clean trash bag before pressing any of the buttons. You should also carry a hand sanitizer with you on your trip and use it.

The list of safety tips for a hotel stay is practically inexhaustible. However, with these tips, you should be able to feel a greater degree of safety and you should sleep better at night knowing you are indeed safe.

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