Small Considerations When Buying Engineered Wood Flooring

October 2, 2017Services Standard

Optimising your home means you need to take care of plenty of details all by yourself. Careful planning allows you to make quick and easy decisions that can reduce costs, especially when it comes to adding a new floor. There are a few things you can do to make the most out of your engineered wood flooring. This can also remove a great chunk of your expenses when done wisely.

  • Pre-Treated or Not

Amongst the first things to do is to reconsider if you want your wood to be pre-treated or not. The pre-treated wood floors are protected from accidental damage, typically in the form of skid marks of furniture and scratches from heavy friction.

The drawback is that pre-treatment is not consistent across different types of boards. This means that any sample you see fairly misrepresent what you might get.

Instead, you might want to add untreated boards that allow you to choose the oils or lacquers to install in your home. This saves you a ton of money, as this can be easily done either DIY or added on the labour itself.

  • Maintenance

One other engineered wood flooring element that should be considered is to use high-quality maintenance treatment, such as hard wax oil. While this is initially more expensive, this protects the place from stains, scratches, and general issues. This means you would need to do fewer repairs and future work on the wood.

  • Finish

Having to choose between a lacquered finish or oil finish should also be considered. Depending on the condition of your property and the uses of the room, you may want a lacquer finish for a beautiful, high-shine finish. This will seal it from any further treatments. If you want more vast options for treatment for the floors, oil finishes give you more options.

  • Colour

Finally, you may want to pay attention to get the right colour that you want for your home. Do not skimp on premium wood flooring materials, even if most services will tell you to put this on your backburner of priorities. Get a colour that fits your vision. Hire engineered wood flooring experts to do the installation and wood treatments for your home.

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