Specialisations of Makeup Artists

July 17, 2017Fashion Standard

Makeup artists do more than just apply foundation, eyeliner and other cosmetics to make customers look their best. Nowadays, newer tools and more sophisticated techniques are coming up. Thus, there are now more categories and specialisations in the make-up industry. Here are some of them:

Bridal and events – This is the most common type. A makeup artist who is an expert of this craft is skilled in putting up a set of cosmetics that will make the person more appealing. She can transform the image and looks of her customer depending on the motif of the event her customer will attend.

Fashion – Fashion makeup artists are responsible for applying cosmetics to models for magazine covers and photos. Most magazines require certain look and fashion themes and motifs for their models. Fashion makeup artists must know how to come up with the required looks demanded by the magazine. They are also needed in television programs and in the movie industry. These artists are keen on making th actors’ looks complement different lighting settings.

Theatrical – Stage actors need cosmetics to make their expressions seen by the audience from a distance. Makeup artists use their tools in defining the actors’ eyes and lips and emphasize the highlights and lowlights of their facial bones.

Special effects – There are certain movies that require the actors to use special make up effects. This is most common in science-fiction, horror, fantasy and even action genres. Special effects artists use different techniques and tools to achieve the desired effect such as the appearance of blood and wounds.

Airbrushing – Some artists use an airbrush to apply cosmetics to provide a distinct and more defined look. This technique is getting popular with the rise of HDTV and digital photography that render a more detailed image of models.

High definition – A makeup artist specialising in this technique uses minerals and the use of light reflectors to give the skin of the model a flawless appearance.

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