The Carvery Selection: Must-Have Dishes on Your Event

June 22, 2017Catering Standard

Having a menu that is unique and tasty in your event will surely make your celebration outstanding, if not the best. Of course, you would want it to be that way. Your menu is a collection of the dishes you would like to prepare for the event. You want them to be exceptional and simply amazing. Let us have a look in one of the dishes that you can consider on your menu.

This menu is available only for the season and will be out on the first of July until December 2017. So, if your events will take place within the period, you can enjoy the unique carvery selection. What makes it different from the others? This menu can be availed for $17.90 per head plus additional charges. It is a buffet-style menu so everyone can really enjoy it, even without reservations. The Deluxe Carvery Buffet is a combination of three dishes, which is comprised of the following:

•    Home-Style Gravy—The supply is unlimited and rich so you can have extra gravy whenever you want.
•    Succulent Roast Pork—It is certainly juicy and mouth-watering. You cannot resist it even if you want to.
•    Black Angus Beef—To ensure the quality of the dish, the beef have to undergo MSA accreditation.
•   Potatoes—These are baked chat potatoes that will surely have an impact on the way you taste the overall menu.

To maintain the freshness of the dishes, the salads are made daily. Condiments can be selected according to your preferences and specifications. Of all the menu out there in the season, the carvery selection deserves a try. You can book with us to cater your next big events. You can also refer us to others and we will not let you down.