Things to Consider in Designing Your Website

May 24, 2017Business Solution Standard

You need to consider many factors to create a stunning and powerful website design that converts. Here some things to consider in creating or restructuring your website.

Purpose – To make your website design memorable, you need to know the ‘why’ of your site and not just it is what’. The rationale of the website you are designing or developing should be your guide in creating and not just the contents of your site. Web designers and developers often want to impress clients and visitors of their skills by cluttering the site they are developing with content that is not in line with the reason the website is created.

Effective communication and content – The types of content you use should communicate what your brand is and can do. They should provide relevant, timely and clear information to your visitors and existing customers. This should also align with the purpose of your website.

Navigation – Some websites fail to direct visitors and users where they should visit next, leaving them lost in their travel in your company’s virtual space. Expert web designers know the importance of placing bread crumbs, clickable buttons to help them get an easy walkthrough of the site. They should also implement the ‘three click rule’ that means users should locate the information they are searching within three clicks.

‘F’ pattern design – Users scan screens in an ‘F’ pattern, according to eye tracking studies. This means that the top and left of the screen are the areas people often look at, whilst other areas are rarely seen. Designers should then take advantage of this knowledge by placing important content and elements along these areas.

Load time – No user wants to wait for minutes just to find a piece of content they are searching. Web developers should find a way to lower load time to avoid frustrating their visitors. They can either optimise image sizes of the images and tweak the codes to reduce HTTP requests.

Mobile-friendly design – Majority of web users nowadays view websites on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Be sure to use mobile-first responsive website design for your site to be clearly viewed in smaller and multiple screens.  Seek the help of experienced developers to make your website look great on any screen.

There are a lot of things we need to consider when it comes to designing your website but if you’re clueless on where to start, just contact Mad Design website design company and let them do the job for you.