Things To Know About Tree Mulching

June 21, 2017Gardening Standard

By checking online, mulching is one of the ways to maintain plants. This is a way to insulate or enrich the soil so that the plants will be benefitted. The mulching materials can be the bark of the trees, compost or decaying leaves. Is this the first time you hear about mulching? For more information about this, feel free to read below:

  1. There is a reason why one will find mulching as a necessity. It comes with a number of benefits like retaining soil moisture, fertilising it ad still a lot more.
  2. For growth inhibiting elements like phenols, one can use chopped or shredded leaves as the mulching material. Just be sure to age the leaves for at least nine months before using them.
  3. Newspaper, as well as cardboards, can also be used as mulching materials. Just put something heavy on top of the newspapers like small rocks so that they will not be blown away. It is a great way to recycle.
  4. Grass clippings might be great for mulching as well but they come with a number of caveats such as making sure that they are not treated with pesticide or herbicide, that they should be dried at least for a day before using them and more.

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