Things You Need to Discuss With Your Photo Booth Hire

October 28, 2015Events Standard

Planning on hiring photo booth hire for the next special occasion? Before you get too excited, it is best if you think all about the important details before hiring any service provider. There are many photobooth hires around; you surely won’t have a hard time finding one. However, never rush when sealing the deal. It’s best to make sure that whoever you plan to hire can execute and comply with your needs and preferences. Here are a few, important things that you should clarify first with the photo booth organiser:

  • The theme you want 

It is a must that you let them know exactly what you want to see. Let photo booth hire Sydney know the theme of your event; whether you’re aiming for retro, fantasy, medieval, etc. The design of it, including the props and the background, should complement well with the theme.

Also, be open to more creative ideas. Allow them to suggest ways on how to make your photobooth better. They have great things to share, so use their creativity to your event’s advantage.

  • The specifics of the party

You have to be very clear with the directions going to the venue, the time you want them to start setting up the booth, the area where they need to place the booth, among others. Give all the precise information so they will be able to do their job smoothly. Giving them enough clear information is necessary to ensure that their execution will be successful.

  • Rules you want them to follow

You might have some rules you want to implement on the day itself. So, informing the photo booth hire people, as well as your guests, is necessary. Make them aware of the rules you plan for photobooth hire including the number of shots allowed per guest and the schedule when they can entertain guests.