Traditional Or Plantation Shutters

December 16, 2016Home Construction Standard

When choosing your shutters, you have two options. You can either go for the traditional shutters or the more modernized the Sydney plantation shutters. If you are choosing from these two options, you may want to know their differences first so you can decide which one is better for your home.


Louvers sizes are different. The ones in the traditional variety are more narrow and thinner. On the other hand, the plantation type is thicker. Their difference can easily be seen on the size of the louvers.

Actually, those with larger louvers are perfect for larger windows, to ensure that enough light can come in to homes and to still keep a great view.


Since plantation shutters have larger louvers, they can be cleaned a lot easier than those of the smaller louvers.  It’s pretty obvious that it is easier to clean that the traditional ones.

The materials to use

For traditional shutters, the only material that can be used is wood. On the other hand, plantation can be made up of wood or of synthetic material. The materials used will not only dictate the durability of the window covering but as well as the price.

Synthetic material is known to be very durable. Although that still depends on the installation service and the actual quality of the shutter material that was used. If you need to know more information, then might as well ask your installers directly.

By knowing  a few of the differences between the traditional and plantation shutters, you’ll have a better idea which one is best suitable to provide for your home improvement needs. Meanwhile, you can always visit different depots to check out more of these window coverings’ features.

As you choose which one to get for your windows, you may want to consider the installers or who will put them. Better know how much they charge so you can make sure that your budget is enough.