Ways To Express Your Thoughts And Emotions In Your Home Through Art

July 31, 2017Home Design Standard

Aside from relaxation and rearing your family, your home should also be a place for expressing yourself. After all, it is your abode, your most private place to attend to your personal needs. And one way to express your individuality and personality is by placing art materials that reflect your innermost ideas and emotions. Also, posting them can also give you bragging rights and a way to show off your personality and accomplishments. Again, it is your house. You have all the right to showcase your personal artistic side.

Here are some arts and crafts ideas to show your creative talents in your house:

DIY poster of messages and song lyrics – There’s nothing more artistic than to quote literary lines in your DIY art project. One way to do this is by choosing quotations, personal messages and song lyrics that reflect your present emotions and create a poster using them as text. You can even use your personal poem or composition that you’ve written for this project. Don’t worry about the level of artistry you put in the poster. Some famous painters become popular by creating images as if drawn or produced by a child. The most important thing is you’ve expressed your feeling through this method.

Make a DIY wall art – If stitching, crocheting, cross stitching, quilting, drawing or painting is your hobby, why have your finished works framed and display them in your house? You don’t just do these things and keep them in a closet. They are made to be displayed.

Post framed wall art that you love – Your favourite masterpieces and artworks somehow reflect your personal emotions and thoughts. Buy a copy (buying the original sometimes cost millions of dollars) of a painting, illustration or other forms of visual art. Posting a repaint of Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and other works of the masters or just a painting that attracts and deeply connects with you is a great way to express your individuality.

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