What Type of Water Pipes Should You Go For?

September 16, 2016Home Maintenance Standard

There are two types of water pipes that can be used for your plumbing system.  One is Polyethylene, also referred to as HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene). The other type is XLPE (High-Density Crosslinked Polyethylene).

HDPE has been in the market for over 30 years. It is regarded as one of the best piping to use in any plumbing work for the home or office. These piping  are made out of plastic and due to this, there have been on-going debates regarding its benefits when placed side by side with cross linked polyethylene (XLPE or PEX).

In comparison, many say that XLPE is much easier to install than HDPE.For the cost-conscious plumbing business, XLPE can better guarantee cost savings due to ease of installation. Partly, this is also due to manufacturing. If the XLPE is gotten from reputable companies, it comes with coils that can be used for coupling. Also, due to the flexibility of the piping, it can be amended, twisted, adjusted, and bent to fit around certain places regardless of obstructions. The need for soldering like in HDPE zips is basically non-existent.

XLPE’s wins when it comes to durability and functionality. Some people might get the wrong idea that HDPE is stronger than the XLPE, but that is not the case. XLPE pipes can withstand rust, corrosion, and electrolysis better. Even when temperature is below freezing, the pipes expand and do not crack.

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