What You Need to Know About Blocked Drains

June 30, 2017Home Maintenance Standard

Drainage systems guarantee a clean and healthy environment to live and work. However, people ignore them often. The owners seldom pay attention to a clogged drain, oblivious of the fact that the damage can lead to many problems including the risks to health and safety.

To address such problems, property owners must possess a basic understanding of the causes of clogged pipes and follow preventive measures.

— Restaurants separate the oil and grease through a device called grease interceptor. Whilst it is true that small amount of oil and grease can be broken down by detergent and hot water, how about those accumulated over the years? It is a rule of thumb not to dump grease or oil on your sink.

— Should there be some hair strands on the flooring after your shower, collect and dispose of them in your bin. If the drainage is blocked, water cannot flow through them. This will lead to flooding and damage to your property.

— In the case of cleaning and disinfecting, consult an expert. They are equipped with the experience and tools needed to solve the issue effectively. Today, some professionals use the plumbing camera inspection to check the drainage. This is a long, flexible cable with a camera installed on its end. Using this device, plumbers will be able to assess and do the right thing in addressing the clogging.

After evaluation, they will send a complete report on this plumbing issue and recommend the best approach, depending on the severity of the blockade. If you need assistance, the professional Arlake Plumbing can do drain unblockage at a fair price. Getting their service can save you a thousand bucks in the long run.