Why Visit Marcoola?

July 28, 2017Travel Standard

Enjoy the sand, beaches and the environment at peace by going to Marcoola. If you are in doubt, we listed why this would be your best decision:

The View

If you want to relax and witness some breathtaking sceneries, best head to Marcoola. People that are visiting here cannot help but be amazed by the beaches and mountains the place has. Not only they are a good to look at, but you can also have a picnic on the rainforests and try water activities on the beaches.


Don’t miss their local delicacies by visiting their restaurants. One of the things the city boast of is their sea food and wine. Just make sure to research the restaurant and the food they are famous of so you will have an idea what to order.


Whether you enjoy big waves, or you just want to lay down on the sand, you can all do all that if you will visit Marcoola. The place has many beaches and local lifeguards patrolling the area so you will ensure that you are safe.


Instead of buying wine in the store, why not just go visit Flame Hill Winery? Aside from learning how these wines are processed, you can also have a picnic and buy wine for the lower price. Just make sure that you will set a schedule first before you visit as they limit their visitors to a certain number. You can check their website for reservation.


All of the local products the place has can be found in Eumundi Markets. This is open every Wednesday and Saturdays but best check their websites as their schedules changes depending on the season.

If you wanted to visit the place but you don’t know any place to stay, Sunshine Coast Aiport Motel offer Marcoola motel for a reasonable price. You can visit their website to know more about what they can offer.